We're independent of any and all networkS

We are in no way related to or affiliated with Supercell


We strive to keep TF's safe and clean from pathetic losers who "just for fun" burn all your intel on sabotage or kick members, or both, or worse. Starting a crap op and then doing a runner also qualifies


If you're thinking about making a new member officer, or even co-leader; you might want to check here first before it's too late


Hoppers who misbehave - in any way, regardless when from which network they came - are listed as well so you can Reject them when they come in


There's also a new breed of losers out there: people with multiple accounts who move those into your TF and then start making demands, and drama. Those haven't committed any offence yet other than being an excruciating pain in the ass and displaying toxic behaviour





TF's best friend