We're independent of any and all networkS

We are in no way related to or affiliated with Supercell

Here you'll find the players that have been reported across the game. You don't want them in your TF for various reasons. Some of them have burnt through hundreds of intel and booted players for no other reason than pleasing themselves. Others have started either the lowest or highest op possible and then split. What they all have in mind: screwing over your tf


We select new reports and study them with great care. We consult with our networks to doublecheck, and the info on this site is 100% validated


Next to the blacklist there's also a whitelist. For any means of communication, just contact us via the button below


For reporting a player, we'll need the following (screenshots are required) - none of this will be published but it's needed for verification and record keeping. Sometimes we need to provide some of this when questions are asked by some, usually those who are put on the list


1) Player tag, and name

2) Any relevant chat

3) Op start, attack, sabotage - whichever is relevant to the case

4) Screenshot of your TF (this information will never be disclosed to anyone else)


Please provide as much context as you can. Especially chat is most relevant, even if it only shows someone starting an op and then leaving...

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